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    LanDesk WinPE booting 32bit

    ffazzi Apprentice



      We are testing  Ivanti 2017.3 Console. We use provisioning for deploy computers. We have a problem with Windows 10 deploy that use the setup.exe unattend way to install. The problem is that USB stick load the 32bit version, so it's impossible for us installa a 64bit executable. We have some computer that are quite old, so we need to boot as "legacy" and not as UEFI (I'am told that if you use UEFI the WinPE switch to 64bit). Thanks a lot! F.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          That's correct -- BIOS based devices get provisioned with a 32-bit WinPE (because the "old" stuff tends to work safer that way), whilst UEFI devices get the 64-bit WinPE image assigned to them.


          So - your hardware determines which provisioning image gets sent by the Core in regular provisioning.


          Is your question in essence "how can I get a 64-bit PE image on a bootable USB stick" ?

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            ffazzi Apprentice

            Dear Phoffmann,


            yes, we are trying to use it via USB Stick. As I read elsewhere we just copied the boot_x64.wim and renamed to boot.win, the original boot.win has been renamed (boot.win.orig)... this is actually forcing to a x64 enviroment, that we need in order to install Windows 10. The workaround is ugly, but it works. I wonder why Ivanti couldn't make a simple choice at the start... maybe it is, but as you can understand we are very new to the Ivanti world ;-) The next step is test the PXE network enviroment... I don't know if it works the same way... Thanks a lot, again! F.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              "Effectively", it works the same.


              Essentially, the PXE rep determines "which boot image should I get?", and then goes for that. So if you rename the WIM files, then - yes - that will affect your PXE booting as well.


              I don't have issues with hacks like this by and large - the only caveat is that I always try to make sure that people don't shoot themselves into their own foot. So - by renaming the WIM-s be aware that even your BIOS devices will try to load the 64-bit WIM ... which CAN cause issues.


              So - just "be aware" / prepared (and *TEST* ) ... find the "nastiest / oldest" device(s) you can/have, and see how they do ... if they work fine with your hacks, then you should be OK by and large. If anything's going to fail, likely it'd be those devices (and chances are you know exactly the make/model that's causing you the most regular headaches anyway).