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    Parent/Child relationship in LANDesk


      In case of a Service outage (e.g., email service down) there may be several calls raised by many users for the same issue. In such a scenario we would assign the first incident as a primary incident and attach all of the remaining such incidents as Child incidents. Is it possible to have LANDesk replicate the “status” and “assignment group” of all child incidents with those of the primary incident.


      This would help all analysts in not having to code all child incidents or follow up on them for assignment and closure (there is no value add that we do here).

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          gramsay Specialist

          This can be done but it involves quite a bit of design work.

          We have a "Clone Incident" action that will prompt for a user name then create a child incident with all the same information as the parent (including status & assignment).


          To get this to work you need to create a new object "Clone" and make it a collection on incident. It has to have the attributes on it that will be different from the parent - in our case just raise user.

          Have the process run the clone action (to allow you to enter the raise user) and then after it have an automatic action of create child. On the create child window copy all the data across from the incident except for the raise user which you copy from the clone collection.

          Don't bother having the clone collection showing on the incident window as it just confuses the issue.