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    CI Service Filter

    Dan_Mills Apprentice

      Hi all


      We have a Business object for CI.Service which has all of our services listed regardless of Status - Operational, disposed etc.


      We then link the Change/Incident/Problem to the relevant service.


      The selection is currently showing all Services however I'd like to filter it so it only shows the ones with "Operational" as the Status.


      I'm not sure how I apply this filter, whether its in the change/incident/problem module or the Service module itself.


      Many thanks




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          Kayla.Culpepper SupportEmployee

          Hello Dan,


          Thanks for posting to the Ivanti Community.

          Sorry that it seems no one has the answer to be able to assist you on this yet.  Did you manage to get any further information on this? Please share anything you deem useful and the community may be able to offer some help.

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          Kayla Culpepper
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            lgtandi Specialist

            Hi Dan,


            I'm not sure if I understand your problem correctly but I think you have different options:


            1. You could define a condition such as "$(Status == "Operational")" on the relationship itself that you use to link the change with the CI.Service object.
              The advantage would be that this condition would be automatically considered everywhere this relationship is used. However, if the status of the linked CI.Service object is changed sometimes later to "Disposed", the change would not be linked to the CI.Service anymore.
            2. If you use a link field you could add the expression above to the "Filter Expression" property of the corresponding "Link Field" control. There, the advantage is that the filter expression is only evaluated during linking itself, i.e. an existing link between a change and a CI.Service object will not be broken if the status of the C.Service object is changed to "Disposed".
            3. Similarly, if you use a tab (because a change may be related to several CI.Service objects), you can enter the expression above in the "Link Button Filter" column of the tab definition in a layout.


            Hope this helps