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    Trying to auto-route Incidents created by email from analysts

    NickBrown Apprentice

      Has anyone thought of a way to trigger a Landesk process to generically assign an Incident ticket created by email to the person that created it and the current group? We have a lot of people that email our Helpdesk queue to create a ticket for them, or will forward an email to create a ticket, however this is a manual process to our Helpdesk staff that then takes the Incident and then assigns it to the team/person that sent the email to the email queue - this just wastes everyone's time.


      However, trying to think of a "catch-all" way for anyone to forward an email to the helpdesk to have it auto-route, I'm not having any good ideas on how to do that. Anyone done anything similar?


      For example, my vision is, I email our designated Helpdesk email with some sort of trigger (probably subject line?) and that identifies that it needs to auto-route and assigns to the person that sent the email.