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    Two factor authentication?

    berxleben Apprentice

      We're in the process of upgrading from LDSD 2016.3 to 2017.3 and the question was raised internally about how to get our Service Desk site external so that users that are not on our network can log tickets as needed or check status (whatever the case may be). The downside to this is we have a hospital so our hands are tied a bit with HIPAA and as much as we try to regulate users from entering in patient names, it is bound to happen. So the security question would be, does service desk support two factor authentication or is it even a thought in the general road map for this product? I see from the latest Momentum events that the big push is ISM, so if it is not currently a possibility, I suppose I doubt that it ever will be down the road. I didn't see anything in the forums but thought maybe someone out there might know or be able to point me in the right direction (even though I believe I already know the answer)