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    Windows 7 LANDesk Agent


      Has anyone been able to successfully install the LANDesk agent on a Windows 7 computer?  It seems more and more IT people in my company are installing the OS.  This of course means more and more computers that I can not longer manage.

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          ahe Expert

          It seems it works, but one question:

               In your company it is allowed to install a not supported OS on user clients which run for some months only?


          The RC run 'til next year only... (the beta stops earlier...)


          Here are some discussions:






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            Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

            We don't guarantee the agent will install until 90 days after full release.


            You are dealing with a beta or release candidate.  Supposedly our agent mostly worked on the beta, but then the release candidate broke more things.

            See, that is because the Release Candidate version is different because Microsoft is still developing it.

            It is going to be months before this platform is released and officially support by Microsoft.

            So you see, it is absurd to expect a beta or release candidate operating system to be supported or even to work with a complex software package.

            That is like asking an archer to hit the bullseye on very distant target


            Yes we have developers testing our agent on Windows 7, but mostly for finding what needs fixed and not really fixing yet because who knows if the reason part of our product works or not is because of a problem with the beta or RC?


            There is no guarantee we will start making anything work until it is actually an operating system that is released.  And then, expect the usual time to have agent support, which is around 90 days of release.  Console support usually comes a little later.

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              I couldn't dissagree more.


              The reason MS provided a pre-release is so that users AND DEVELOPERS could begin the process of building product that would support the new OS as soon as it was released.


              Even MicroSlop, with all of its thrashing around with Vista and other financial debacles, knows that the consumer wants product the same day that the OS is released.


              We want product.   We want the software to work on the new OS whether it's pre-release, half-baked, final release, complete release, whatever.


              Like the original post, I'm looking at systems dropping off of the radar as executives (yep, you heard me right) the EXECUTIVES load the new RC on their fancy new 64-bit machines.   Now I can support the typical user but not the executives?


              Shame on you.   Get on it.





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                zman Master

                So when you guys hear that LANDesk does not support new OS versions after 90 days, don't assume that they are not currently researching and testing Windows 7 with LANDesk products.  They are, and have too. The issue with rogue users installing RCs and betas is a company internal control issue. What happens when the RC eats itself, and they don't have a workable machine. Companies need to restrict testing of RCs and such to labs and CONTROLLED environments.


                I have just loaded the RC on my test laptop and will be testing the client, console, etc... I don't have any preconcieved expectations. If it works great, if not I'm not going to B&M. Just my two cents.

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                  This question is starting to spin out of control a little.  Our company has a test bed of users who have it installed knowing that they are on thier own for support.  I am looking for a workable LANDesk agent for the OS to keep track of those test machines.  We are not re-imaging our companies laptops and desktops to standardize around an RC of a Windows OS.   Just looking for an agent to keep track of some test machines.

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                    Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                    Sorry the post got out of hand Shane.

                    I was talking to our dev/testing team on this and was informed that the agent had some functionality working with the Windows 7 beta, but then when the Windows 7 RC released our agent wouldn't even install and they are already working on fixing that.  I didn't follow up.  Maybe it only wouldn't install if module X was enabled...I don't know...


                    I haven't tested myself, but was told that by the dev/testing guys.

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                      Thanks Ryhous.  I appreciate the help.

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                        "The reason MS provided a pre-release is so that users AND DEVELOPERS could begin the process of building product that would support the new OS as soon as it was released."


                        You said it; begin the process as LANDesk have confirmed they have.  This does not mean they will have an agent being updated for public consumption because as we've seen, this release schedule of from MS doesn't necessarily mean that the developer's work means anything in the next rev because MS are at liberty to change things.  The 90 days is to allow full testing on a released platform unlike others that jump the gun and claim full compatibility allowing the customers to take the risk of testing on their behalf.


                        At Verismic we are going through Windows 7 testing and have agents that operate fine, but we won't be releasing those agents and claiming compatibility because it will most likely jump up and bite us hard in the next rev. For every 1 customerthat demands this there are 10 that would walk away if it went wrong later and more often than not it includes the 1 that started it all .


                        Mind you, Paul could do with being a little more gentle with his responses sometimes since IT aren't always in control even though it should really be the case.


                        Mark McGinn
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                          Hey Mark,


                          Point well taken.  I guess I'm just offended both at the tone of the response from the "support" to the "customer" and the explanation from "on high" why they aren't ready... "our policy" hrumph hrumph and so forth.   As if prevailing customer service thought wasn't riddled with tips like "don't hide behind policy- customers don't want to hear it".








                          Support for 7 is hit and miss, and I get that.  I really do.


                          However, Adobe is ready.  Just downloaded the Windows 7 Adobe plug-in and reader... went great.  Print Audit 5 was also ready- they released their Print Audit client for ALL 64-bit OS's and it's running happily in the system tray.  MS Office is ready, terminal server client runs just great, most browsers are geared up and ready to go.


                          In short, I can build a totally free OS Windows 7 system right now and put it into production- except I can't get LDAV and LANDesk installed.  So, I am frustrated.


                          My prediction is that folks will download and start using 7 in D-R-O-V-E-S.   Some will stick with XP, some will go to MAC, some will go virtual... most XP hold-outs will go to 7 IMHO if they can afford the hardware.


                          BTW Kaspersky's Windows 7 version DID crash my test system before the RC upgrade but LANDesk client (minus KAV) did run.  Now I'm running Avast! home product until I can get some AV on this thing... but LANDesk won't install.




                          Thanks for your kind response.



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                            LANDesk has every intention of supporting Windows 7 when it "OFFICIALLY" releases.  I don't know how anyone could think that the current version of the product would be fully functional with a beta o/s.  So yes there are going to be things that work and do not work right now.  We don't support Windows 7 right now.  All LANDesk customers will be notified when Windows 7 is supported.  At this time, you expectations should be that it is not going to be fully functional with the current code.


                            Your expectations should also be that it will be supported around the time of an "OFFICIAL" release of Windows 7.

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                              Ok, let me try one more time to understand how to set my expectations...


                              Microsoft has "officially" released Windows 7.   It's available, it can be downloaded for free, used for free (for one year) and it's ready to go.


                              It may be called "release candidate" instead of "official release" or whatever the final thing will be called, but it's sure not BETA.


                              It's out.  It's hitting the street.  It was in BETA from January 2009 to June 2009 (the BETA expires July 31st).  From January 2009 until the RC was released (if that's not redundant) developers were supposed to have been updating and tweaking their code.   Microsoft's assurance (taken with a huge grain of salt, granted) was that any code base that worked correctly in Vista was supposed to work correctly in 7.


                              Now the RC is out and I expect it to go viral.  Maybe it will... I don't know.  But my job is to postulate the "what if's" that keep my director out of trouble.


                              The RC will continue to be patched until the "official release date" which is October 22nd (maybe).


                              So that puts us at January 2010 for official LANDesk support?  



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                                Bryan, I agree with much of what you say but RC does not mean it is released. The fact that MS is allowing free use is probably a trojan horse strategy to get the end users to migrate to a point where they can't go backwards and have to pay for the real release. Not complaining because this does look like a pretty good build and it is attracting users and trojan horse strategies can pay off.  If the end users migrate then their workplace OS expectations are far higher and IT will be forced to jump as soon as it ships. The planned result is the removal of the apathy that faced Vista.


                                There is also a big difference between application vendors. MS says a codebase that works on Vista will work on 7? Maybe that will generally hold true for an application, but LANDesk and other similar products are not applications, they are systems management tools.  They connect under the surface into areas of the OS that are in fact being changed. Word will work where an Anti-Virus product won't.  LANDesk is working at the lowest level in many cases and that is where incompatibility lurks.


                                If your organisation is going to go Windows 7 before official release, then that is a business decision.  If you are big enough to tell LANDesk that unless they support Windows 7 now then you will jump to another product that does, then that may be a way to do it.  If you can find other comparable products that are making that statement then use it as ammunition against your LANDesk sales rep.


                                Unsubtle as some of the feedback is in response here, Windows 7 is NOT released whether MS use the term Beta or not.  Go and buy a pre-production car that hasn't gone through the full tests before being released to market and see how many insurance companies are willing to insure you.  Windows 7 certainly isn't a car, but you are being allowed a test drive in a vehicle that isn't ready yet with the only saving grace that it can't kill you if it crashes.


                                The guys on here provide support and tell you what is or is not supported.  They can raise your concerns to others but they don't make the changes, you need to use a different channel for that.


                                Meantime LANDesk, 'Holier than thou' is generally the right of of the poster and not the responder. Speaking the party line is always valid because it is the party line, but making comments about the judgement of a customer should be steered away from as it causes this to happen.


                                Mark McGinn
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                                  I agree, and once again, well stated.


                                  I'll keep this short... but I would really really appreciate if everyone would stop referring to Windows 7 as anything other than "ready for prime time".


                                  In the past, developers simply released software and BAM there you were.  Then we started seeing Pre-Release then BETA, sometimes a Test Pre-Release (always "accidentally" leaked to the public) and so forth...gives us pundits lots of opportunity for sneak peaks and comment.  And if you don't mind driving a test PC into the wall, it can be a lot of fun.  We're running XP, Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu, OSX, Mac Classic and a host of other variations- just to see what works.


                                  But just because the "software release process" followed that pattern last year DOES NOT mean that MS or any other software giant is required to follow any of those steps now or in the future.  I think both LANDesk and the IT community at large needs to wake up and smell the coffee- Windows 7 is out!   It's free, it's available, it's released.


                                  Now, 800 bloggers are probably wanting to jump in right now and say "it's not an official release".  Blah blah, who cares?  It's OUT!


                                  If something is "Officially Released" by Microsoft, it is therefore an "Official Release".   Was the first version of XP or Windows 95 the final version?


                                  Reminds me of when my Accounting prof told me that "an item is worth the purchase price minus amortized depreciation based on GAAP" and then my Economics prof told me "an item is worth whatever anyone is willing to pay for it".   It's a complicated world, folks.   Both can be dead-on accurate and correct at the same time despite the dollars not matching up.   GO FIGURE.


                                  Meanwhile, as a software developer myself, as a high-tech business owner and as an IT professional for over 20 years, I recognize when someone is behind the power curve and hiding behind semantics (or Peter Norton)  .


                                  Could be I touched a nerve.  GOOD!  It's a forum...



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                                    LANDave SupportEmployee

                                    Here is the Official Statement from LANDesk: