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    Copydrivers in Windows 10 1703/1709

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      Is anyone using copydrivers.exe for windows 10 deployment ?


      we have been using it and it has been working fine, in the new versions of windows 10 the drivers copy over to the device (c:\windows\inf\lddriverstore) but don't actually install automatically, you have to right click and update each driver and point to the central location, anyone else experiencing this issue? and know a work around

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          Is this an old-school tool? I don't see reference to it in Landesk 2016+.


          It sounds like inf or driver files are being copied but not installed. You need something like HII after building and setting up your driver database or, more simply (IMO), just mount the install image with dism and install the NIC/Storage drivers needed for the various models.


          IMO, the less layers the better. DISM installing drivers to the image for me is 100% works every time where HII can be flaky and is not necessary easy to maintain, but I only have a few models to contend with.

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            It is an old-school tool built and compiled in AutoIt.


            As far as I can recall, the only thing CopyDrivers did was actually copy drivers based off the INI table that ran a substring match on hardware type/name and directory name.


            It never actually installed the drivers. You will still need to run dism.exe to install the drivers. I would also use /recurse and /forceunsigned for the /Add-Driver /Driver:C:\Drivers command. - Keep in mind this is run before the OS boots, in offline mode.


            I think the newer versions of LDMS actually have built back in simple model to driver directory mapping, so you can also go with that.




            EDIT: Additional thought. I was provisioning Windows 10 using LDMS 9.5 SP2 - but the PE environment didn't have offline servicing tools that supported Windows 10 +


            If this is something that just started breaking, you may want to make sure the version of DISM you are running supports the version of Windows 10 you're attempting to offline-service. In my case, it was as simple as copying down the newer servicing tools during a provisioning step and using those instead of what was built into the PE load.

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              Hi all , thank for you replies on this , i was missing the driverpath reg key to point to c:\windows\inf\lddriverstore




              for you help