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    Random Google Chrome Browser Freeze Issue


      Couple of months back, we have moved to the cloud version of HEAT ITSM. The system worked well. Now, users complain that when they access the SAAS HEAT ITSM application then it freezes with a spinning wheel. The only option available to get rid of the symptom is to close the tab and open the tab again. Users are primarily using Google Chrome browser. The HEAT ITSM infrastructure sits on AWS. Other SAAS applications work fine. Please advise.

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          MarkLarvo Specialist

          I had something similar happen at the office. Our internal team figured this out. More info likely available on the Internet.


          From our Knowledge article:


          This issue is likely related to corruption in the user's Cookies file within the active Chrome profile, and is present in both the consumer and enterprise versions of Google Chrome v64. Once the corrupt cookies file is remediated users may need to login again to websites which had previously saved logins (e.g. Gmail).


          To resolve, the corrupt file must be renamed.


          Manual fix:

          1) Close Chrome, and ensure there are no instances of Chrome.exe listed in the Details tab of Task Manager

          2) From Windows File Explorer, navigate to %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default and rename the “Cookies" file to Old.Cookies (Alternatively, instead of the “Default” folder look for the file within the “Profile 1” User Data folder and/or the “Guest Profile” folder).

          3) After the Cookies file has been renamed re-launch Chrome and verify the webpage load behavior has improved.


          Good luck! Mark.