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    Connect an ISM External Business Object to SQL Server

    Jeff.Bromberger Apprentice

      So, I am trying to build out an External business object, one where the actual data lives in a SQL database.


      I get through the part where I define the standalone object, set the External Object Synchronization flags, set a field to be the Foreign Key.  That was all the easy part.  I am at the part of "Associate a Script with the External Business Object.  Script?  What script?  This isn't WSDL - I doubt that the SQL database is talking that by default, and there certainly is no methods defined for ISM installed there.  Is there some other way to get this done?


      Looked high and low, and all I found from Microsoft was "Do not use this functionality - it will be removed soon!"  Not very promising.  Nothing here at Ivanti, either.


      I can't be the first guy who wants to get to some external data.  Is there a skeleton out there which I can modify to do what I'm looking for?


      Thanks in advance!

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          The old method was an http get in MS SQL but as you have seen MS have obsoleted that functionality and now recommend integration via API calls e.g you need to write an app to connect to SQL to get the data.


          The cheap and easy way to do it is to use SSIS and export the data to a csv file and import on a regular basis to ISM.  If the data you are connecting to is a "live" data source then you should write a proper API integration.