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    Checkbox(Boolean) as a SLA variation attribute


      Can we add a Boolean attribute as a variation attribute for SLA? We want to monitor SLA if the value is true i.e. checked.

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          Unfortunately you cant use checkboxes as variation attributes (believe me I've tried and been frustrated with this limitation in the past myself) but you can use a reference list so create a new reference List with YES and NO options and use this attribute for the variation attribute.


          Then either have this field on the form, or if you really want to it to be a checkbox then set your new reference list attribute to be a "BeforeSave" calculation, with dependency of your checkbox and then select the YES or NO value to match the checkbox setting. Remember that when returning a value for a dropdown attribute you need to return the object instance reference and not the value; use the GetObjectBy... functions.



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