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    SESS w Unmanaged Devices

    1EarEngineer Specialist

      We just upgraded to 2017.3 and was curious, is there a way to leverage SESS subnets to handle UDD + Agent install without having to manually create all the subnets in the UDD module?

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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup



          at the moment, both modules are separated from each other. However, maybe you can drag a device that was discovered through agentless scanner on an agent deployment task. I never tested it but it’s worth a try…

          Maybe you can create an enhancement request to move a discovered subnet with right mouse click from SSES to UDD…could be a nice feature…J


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            1EarEngineer Specialist

            Yeah, the main thing was just having to manually created all of the subnets, and also the upkeep of that. Was hoping that with SESS automatically pulling that in, we could point UDD at that list of subnets and say, "here's out list, now go install on non managed machines"