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    Provisioning a HP Thin Client

    KathyReimers Apprentice

      I am having difficultly capturing an HP Thin Client image to use in provisioning.  I have captured the image using HP's software and it creates a .ibr file and to change this to a .tbi file I am lost.  I can create an iso using their tool but it doesn't allow me to boot up to it in a VM to capture.  There are old documents for how to do this but none of the links work it appears.  Is anyone aware of the process they use or can provide me the instructions.  If I PXE to the thin client the capture fails each time.  Maybe there is a way to get that to work?

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          What hardware exactly and what OS are you trying to install?

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            I am attempting to image a HP Thin Client T630 It has WES7 on it.  I attempt to capture and it verifies C drive each time but then it fails. It may be a mapping issue but I don't see it with other hardware.  Just this one. 

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              If I understand correctly, it sounds like you are trying to image Windows 7 Embedded on an HP thin client.


              The above picture seems to clearly state the provisioning agent cannot attach to the server referenced so it's failing with the failed credentials error.


              It looks like the map network drive to preferred server action that is failing has specified "Don't Allow Preferred Server" which I don't use myself but I presume that means it must use only that one specific server in the path. In that case, make sure the client can ping whatever server it's trying to reach and that server is listed in the Provisioning section->Content replication\Preferred Servers and that you've tested the credentials to UNC on that server.


              It seems most likely the server path listed in the image above is not properly set up in the preferred servers in the management console or the failing client simply cannot reach/ping it. If you haven't tried it already, open a new window and check for a valid IP, ping your gateway and then the server listed in the image.


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