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    Creating the group under Support group.


      I have created a group as "google tools & heatmaps" under a Support group and also linked users to that group. But when I create a incident I am not able to see that group in drop down list to assign particular incident to that group. Please see the attachment "Creating a group under support group".

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          Go to Administrator tab and right click and say open new window.

          In one window.

          Go to Administrator >> Category>>Category>>Incident Management>>Category


          And on another window

          Go to Administrator>> User management>>Groups>>(Expand Groups) Customer (you may see different countries as customers).


          Now Drag the opening category you created from one window to another window where you have expanded Customer's tab (expand the country name and drag the opening category to "Category Links" under each and every country) Do this drag and drop for every country.



          Note: Keep both the window open simultaneously adjacent to each other so that you can easily drag and drop the open category.


          Now you will be able to see the Opening category name in the drop down while assigning an incident to that particular group. This is only of Creating opening category and not for closure category.