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    Is Provisioning possible through the CSA?

    EMiranda Expert

      I've only messed with Provisioning Templates on the local network but now I am looking to expand into the remote field, but its not looking like I can utilize Provisioning through the CSA.  In my experience CSA packages or deployments need to be accessed via http: and when a provisioning task starts it tries to download the files it needs into the root of C:\ldprovisioning only via UNC.  This is failing on my end, but no way to switch the download to http. 


      Is it even possible to do this through the CSA? Has anyone done it?

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          Are you planning on using this to deploy software or upgrade existing OS vs trying to build a computer from bare metal?


          As far as I heard, Landesk doesn't even really recommend doing major agent upgrades over the CSA.

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            EMiranda Expert

            I am looking to deploy software only.  I like the Provisioning interface for our users when doing a lot of packages (10+) for new PC setups vs Bundled packages.

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              I haven't tried it myself but are you using "deploy software", "Install mapped software" or copy file/execute file to create the deployment template?


              Also, I think for CSA deployment of software packages, only the core server is a valid http download location. So, depending on what you're doing in the template, you need to make sure the check boxes to install from a preferred server or peer are unchecked.


              See: How To: Distribute Software via CSA 

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                EMiranda Expert

                I'm doing only "deploy Software" I also have all my packages pointing to http: shares.  The issue I'm seeing at least on my end, is it is not getting to the point to even attempt to deploy software.  When Provisioning kicks off, it needs to download source files to get everything running:  They are downloaded in C:\ldprovisioning on the client.  A bunch of stuff gets downloaded there like the SDclientHandler.exe, the files for the GUI, etc.  Everything runs self contained in that folder.  However, when downloading those source files, its only trying to get them via UNC, which will not work coming back to the CSA.  I just don't see anywhere that you can change this behavior. I can certainly deploy regular packages and bundles via the CSA all pointing to via http shares.  It appears that if i can just get over the hurdle of downloading these C:\ldprovisioning files, I would be golden.

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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  Note the important gotcha when doing any kind of SoftDist via the CSA:

                  • All of your packages MUST be hosted on the Core itself!


                  ... the CSA can't (/won't) reach out to "MyFileserver" ... it'll only ever talk to the Core (a desired security limitation).


                  So if your packages are configured to be hosted somewhere else, that'll trip you up.


                  <It might be as simple as that>


                  I'm not 100% sure if the provisioning agent will talk across the CSA ... you can try it first with "regular" software dist / patching (just to confirm that things "are in place" for you to succeed) ... and once that works, switch over to the same package(s) being attempted via provisioning?