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    Task closure closes incident - error

    Dan_Mills Specialist

      Hi all


      I've followed the below thread:






      This has completed successfully, however the task that's being created is not linking as a child to the open Incident.


      It's all working correctly apart from this so I believe it could be an issue with the Quick action.


      Can anyone please show me how a quick action to create a task links to the parent incident?


      Many thanks

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          michael.odriscoll SupportEmployee

          Hi Dan,


          Thanks for posting to the Ivanti Community!


          Sorry that it seems no one has the answer to be able to assist you on this yet.  Did you manage to get any further information on this? Please share anything you deem useful and the community may be able to offer some help.


          If not then please do consider the other ways to engage with us to get assistance:


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            DTurner Expert

            Hi Dan,


            JMC included a note on his answer:

            Note: The expression might need some adjusting depending on the names of your business objects, statuses and the quick actions in your environment. I also had to create a new quick action,

            named "Add New Task" that prompts users to select a new team to assign the ticket to.

            The 'Add New Task' action is where I imagine the cause of your problem lies;

            You're looking for an 'Insert Child Object' Quick Action against 'Incident' using the same relationship specifier you've used in JMC's expression. Populate any mandatory fields within that and you should be good to go



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              JMC Rookie

              Hi Dan,


              I believe that @DTurner is correct. Here's a screenshot of the "Add New Task" quick action that I created for our Incident object:

              Once you create a new "Insert Child Object" action you'll be able to select the relationship, in our case IncidentContainsTask:Task#Assignment, then have it prompt users or automatically populate the other fields. In the above screenshot, we prompt our users to enter the Owner and Team that the task goes to. Summary is pulled from the incident and the other required fields are filled out by the Task initialization rules already in place.

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                Dan_Mills Specialist

                Hi guys


                Thanks for the above.


                I actually fixed the issue under another thread, the Quick action needed to be in the Incident Module not the Task Module and it worked fine!



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