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    Service Desk 2017.3.x Extended ID and Searching


      We had a request to create a new module in service desk with a specific format for the ticket number.  The format of the ID field requested was  CreationDate(yyyyMMdd)-Category-{Id}.

      We managed to get this to work using the extended ID field, however the search bar in the top right only returns the PM_ID field from the pm_process table so it does not reference the extended ID.  


      1) Is there a way to make this include the extended ID field by changing a property for the way the search works in terms of what fields it utilizes? 

      2) Are there any properties we can change on the extended ID field that would allow it to be utilized by the search feature?


      As a workaround we created a custom query on the extended ID field, it requires an extra click for the end user but is produces the same result.   Thanks for any suggestions in advance.


      - Rick