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    Custom Links under "Help"

    ItsmCSL Apprentice

      Hi All,


      when we add a custom Link to the Help menue, the link doesn't work.

      The link configured for the role looks like this: https://mbrinet


      Everytime a user uses the link, the application "destroys" it and the URL which should be opened looks like this:

      How can we get the application to uses the link only?





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          Kayla.Culpepper SupportEmployee

          Hello Christian!


          Thanks for posting to the Ivanti Community.


          Sorry that it seems no one has the answer to be able to assist you on this yet. Did you manage to get any further information on this? Please share anything you deem useful and the community may be able to offer some help.

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            lgtandi Specialist

            I guess that the "Help Links" section is specifically dedicated to parts of the Ivanti documentation.


            But why don't you use the "Top Links" section within the "Role Details" tab of a role definition? The "disadvantage" is that the link is always displayed but it works with any URL (at least in our environment).




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              ItsmCSL Apprentice

              If this section should only be used for Ivanti documentation, why is there an option to add a costum link?


              In the meantime we have a workaround for this. It looks like it only works for the "out of the box links". We reused the link for language french ( we do not use this). I replaced the "Index.html" for french language with a new index.html created by ourself which will do an automatically forward to the URL we want it to point to. It was possible to rename the existing "French Help Link" to the name we wanted to use.

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                AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

                I can get it to work but it doesn't like https, google via HTTP (browser will switch it to https) works if you put https://google.co.uk in the help link it doesn't.



                I would raise it to support you should be able to put any links in here, the idea is that users can then go off to other web pages or customer intranet sites where the documentation might be stored.

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                  YMoual Specialist

                  Did you get any feedback from Support why it doesn't work for https urls?