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    Is there a best practice or guide to set up a notification system for Integration Logs

    SDepas Apprentice



      I get the request to provide a warning system to trigger a team when scheduled integrations encounter a failure (let's say send a mail notification).

      So when a scheduled integration with an FTP connection fails or when there are errors for integration of new records (in the ErrorStats type of log), then a mail should be sent to a support team to go check it out.

      My first and most straightforward solution is to set up a trigger businessrule on Frs_data_integration_log when certain contitions are met.


      Did anyone else already implemented a different solution for this ?

      I'm also curious to know in which situation de relationship with CI is used with this object, makes sense to have an integration identified as a CI and then link logs related to it but I don't see when it would be used.