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    Error during upgrade to 2017.3: input string not in correct format

    YMoual Specialist

      Hi all,


      I am upgrading ISM to 2017.3 and I get the error below when trying to upgrade the Config DB to 2017.3 from 2017.2:



      This error appears after the system prompts me to enter the credentials for the Admin user account for the ConfigDB. It successfully authenticates this user, and when the system starts applying metadata patches, then this error shows up.


      Note that I successfully upgraded the system from 2016.1 --> 2016.2 --> 2017.1 --> 2017.2. I checked the system config wizard log file and I see the error below:



      Not sure  what can be causing this. Has anyone had this issue while upgrading to 2017.3 before and was able to resolve this issue?