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    New CI

    blwallace Specialist

      I've been working with ITSM 2017.2 for about 2 months now.  I'm looking to create a temporary access card request to assign a card to someone that has forgotten theirs for the day.  I've created a new CI, from the CI group.  I've created a couple of fields unique to the cards and created a form.  When I pull up the CI workspace, on the default layout, there is a New dropdown, top left.

      How do I get my new CI to show in this list?

      How do I create a relationship between the card and a person to assign the card to?

      Do I do this in the business object relationship?


      Still learning the product and any workflow suggestions would be appreciated.

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          So if you have created the new CI type as an extension to the CI object then you need to add the form view to the CI object for your new CI type (it does not use its own layout).  Then edit the list component of the CI layout and each CI type is listed there add a forms you wish to use and they will then appear in the menu for CI.


          Then you set your preview, new and editing forms:


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            blwallace Specialist

            Thank you for the reply.  When you say "add the form view to the CI object", I'm not sure what you mean by that.  I created a form on the Access Card CI object.  Is this the form view you mentioned or is this a separate step?  From your screen shots it leads me to think I'm adding that form for the gridView list.

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              AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

              so once you have created your new extended object in this case Access Card so it should be something like CI.AccessCard in the object name (Parent.Extension). 


              • Open the CI object and go to the Layout.
              • In the list view Editor firstly add a new form (button with reb box at the bottom of my image)



              • The form will be blank and we need to set it to our new object. Click on the Edit Properties button and change the object form CI to your new CI type






              • You can now build the layout for your new CI, yes its a duplicate possibly of the one you have on your actual CI object but there are reasons why you may wish a different layout.
              • One you have completed your form you then need to follow the steps from my previous post to add the form view in to the List grdiview.
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                blwallace Specialist

                Thank you.  I got it.  My 2017.2 (not sure if 2017.3 is the same) form view has the option to "See our new look" button.  That "new look" has the view as you show - not the "legacy" view, or default view of 2017.2.  One curious thing, I couldn't add the Main View to this form in this view, I had to add the Main View in the "Legacy" view.  I couldn't drag-n-drop my form into the view (maybe a bug).  Regardless, I was able to get the mission accomplished, thank you.


                Now my plan is to create a Service Request and assign an Access Card to a person, flag that card as being "checked out" so another person can't get assigned to it, and have an expected return date.  If not checked in by return date, have emails sent.  Not sure how to create this relationship between card and person, but I think I understand how to create a workflow and business rules.  I soldier on.