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    How can I correctly manually populate dependencies in a CI Map Tree?

    mbath61 Apprentice

      I need to demonstrate the CI Map and outage impact features to systems team to get their buy in., but I am struggling with the dependency mapping so that I can show an actual example. The interface seems to be putting things in


      Here is the core of the example: Server ProdTPE uses data from the ProdTST Oracle db hosted on ProdORA

      1. I choose Map Tree from the details screen of the ProdTST database CI
      2. I then click Link on the Upstream side a
      3. Choose a relationship of 'Hosted On'
      4. Then search for the server 'ProdOra.'
      5. Choose the server and click Link, or doubleclick the server
      6. Then click back to the Details tab of the CI database ProdTst,
      7. click the CI Map button
      8. I'm unable to upload an image for some reason today, but it displays

      |Server: ProdORA | -------Hosts------> |Database: ProdTST|


      So all is good to this point, but when I right-click on the server and choose Show Outage Impact, the display is unexpected.


      It displays that the server is is unavailable but the Database hosted on that machine is shown to the right unaffected