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    Wrong encoding in inventory file

    wlkl Rookie

      I have an LDMS 2016.3 with a mixed environment with a Russian Windows client machine. when I create an inventory file with LDISCN32.EXE on this computer, it contains lines with an incorrect encoding similar to this one "(Name: P" C? R ° RІРμСЂС, РѕРјР °) - Status = Running ". Initially this text is in Russian, but it does not look right in the file. And, of course, I see it in the inventory. What could be the reason? Has anyone encountered such troubles?

      Yes, in the file there are also lines in Russian without an excerpt.

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          cjensen SupportEmployee



          What SU level are you running for 2016.3? There was an issue that was resolved in SU 5 where some of the inventory data that was gathered looked as you described above. If you are not on SU level 5 or above, I would recommend upgrading to at least SU 5 to get this issue resolved.