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    Machine reboot after installtion

    darshan_mbm Rookie



      i have a small prolbem with MSI package...


      When i install on the Local Machine for example

      1. c:\nod32_v3\nod32_3.msi /qn /norestart then install is OK and user is not prompted to restart the machine and machine does not  restart....
      2. c:\nod32_v3\nod32_3.msi /qn then install is OK and user is not prompted to restart the machine but machine restart....



      in the Landesk v 8.8 i have this problem.


      My process is this

      1) Distribution Packages - Created New Distribution Packages - Created MSI Package


      2) Select on the server my MSI file (nod32_v3.msi)


      3) in the Install/Uninstall Options - i insert on the Command Line:"Nothing"


      4) it is all


      i use Delivery Method PUSH with Standard package push and i click START NOW


      MSI file have on the C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\sdmcache\nod32v3\ , but he have problem with parameters... then the package get installed but

      machine got restarted.....i check the logs and it show that package is installed with ALLUSERS=1 REBOOT=RealySupress....


      If i push with  i insert on the Command Line:/norestart


      then it gives me error that "Invalid command line argument"



      If i push with  i insert on the Command Line REBOOT='RealySurpress' then it gives me erorr while saving configuration that


      "The command line options conflicts with the option used in delivery method or distribution package"



      Please Help if anyone faced the same problem

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          ahe Expert



          LANDesk uses some parameters of MSI, but can't use all. Better is to use a Batch or other script (AutoIT) to install it with parameters.


          See these threads:

          Problem with MSI package and parameters (passive, qb!, and next...)...

          About Batch File Distribution Packages




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            zman Master

            So when you deploy a msi using LANDesk and use MSI as a distribution package type, there is no need to specify UI and reboot MSI command line options since they are controlled by the delivery methods. So if you don't want the package to reboot and have no UI, select/create a delivery method that is silent with never reboot.

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              ahe Expert

              Hello Dave,


              I found this in the online help and Paul's description in the thread from above:


              Using package command lines

              When creating a Distribution Package, there is an option to include a command line. In the case of an MSI package, this field can only be used to specify a list of MSI Properties in this format: property1=value1 property2=value2 property3=value, and so on. One example of an MSI Property is TRANSFORMS.

              The command line switches that are documented in MSI-related documentation, such as /q, /f, and so on, are actually msiexec command line switches. Only msiexec understands them. When LANDesk distributes an MSI package, it calls the MSI APIs directly. It does not use msiexec. Therefore, it isn't possible to specify msiexec command line switches in the command line field.

              For many of the options that would be enabled with a command line switch when using msiexec, equivalent functionality is provided in through the delivery methods and distribution package tools. For others, no equivalent functionality is provided because it isn't needed.

              Below is a list of some msiexec command-line switches and how equivalent functionality is provided (or not) in the LANDesk interface:

              • / q: to control the user feedback options during an installation, use the Feedback options in the distribution package tool.
              • /a: Administrative installation would be meaningless under LANDesk. It needs to performed manually by the administrator. Therefore, no equivalent functionality is provided in LANDesk.
              • / f: reinstall an MSI package. LANDesk will always reinstall the primary packages, so this option is implied. Note: If you don't want to reinstall, simply deploy the msi application as a dependent package instead of the primary package. If you don't have another package to make primary, you can create a package to deploy an empty batch file and make the MSI a dependent package. Then detection will take affect for the MSI application and it will only be installed on devices that it isn't already installed on.
              • /x: uninstall an MSI package. Equivalent functionality is provided by the uninstall option in the distribution package tool.
              • / j: advertise an MSI package. LANDesk implements similar concepts through policy-based delivery and the local device software distribution portal.
              • / l: logging. Sdclient.exe gathers status and creates log files on the device by default.
              • /p: install a patch; used to patch administrative images. Equivalent functionality is provided under LANDesk through Patch Manager and also with software distribution and dependent packages. Note: Deploy the latest patch as the primary package and set up a dependency chain for the MSI application and/or other patches.

              So I prefer the use of msiexec and so I've to use EXE (with AutoIT) or Batch file distribution package... and I think it's more flexible...




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                zman Master

                Correct, this offers much more flexibilty (e.g., where you want to store the msi log files, etc..), however, using a wrapper is one more additional step to maintain. It would be great to have more options in delivery methods for MSIs. In the meantime - AutoIT