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    Installing a second application server

    katherinec Apprentice

      IT have attempted to install a second application server - with the intention to use the ivanti 'built-in' load balancing rather than a physical one. Normal operation continued ok, but both workflow and email services at least only seem to work from one server at a time - I am seeing constant login (email) and timeout exception (workflow) errors from either one server or the other in the Logs workspace.


      I presume it has not been configured correctly but we are unsure where - are there any instructions for this anywhere or does anyone have any advice or experience with this? We are considering switching to physical load-balancing instead but i would prefer not to if possible.

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          DTurner Expert

          Hi katherine


          We're a Cloud customer but Manual Load Partioning appears to be detailed in the ConfigDB guide (ConfigDB Guide - Page 19) - you may have already discovered this but it appears to mention a similar issue:

          "If you do not use the manual load partitioning feature, the workflow or email service load balancing automatically balances the tenants among the participating workflow or email service instances. This guarantees that the tenants are balanced evenly among the servers.  However, this creates race conditions among the service instances when starting up and subscribing to events, which can lead to workflow or email subscription failure and deadlock issues."

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            katherinec Apprentice

            I have to admit I didn't think of checking that document - thank you for highlighting it. I've read through though and as a premise customer on the production environment I only have one tenant (and the configdb) so it seems in that case there should be no difference in behaviour whether it's left as automatic or changed to manual assignment?


            I think I will try setting it up for manual anyway incase there is an issue with the automatic assignment it may just do the trick.

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              katherinec Apprentice

              Support just provided the install guide and advised and additional info would need to come from professional services. We've decided to disable and shut it down for now and will reinstall fresh when we upgrade to 2017 and see how it goes. Thanks for the info DTurner