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    Change/My Items - Approval Votes (ex. CAB) - Cleanup Pending Approvals once Approved?

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      Good day!


      Now we are starting to look into My Items and possibllities of Self-Service. I inherited the Change module.


      I am seeing that when we send out the Approval request to the CAB team after a single approval occurs that the other Approval Vote Tracking records stay in a state of Pending. In this example you can see my friend Ellen Approved this Change. The other CAB members all have a Status of Pending.


      SS approvals list.png


      1) SInce I can't see the My Items for the CAB team members I am under the assumption they are likely seeing these Pending items in their Approvals list? True?

      2) Should these Approval Vote Tracking records be in some other status? Perhaps cancelled?


      We approve via a single vote. A later Deny would not affect the Approved Status.


      Have you handled this another way? I cannot find documentation that spells out how this may have been meant to work.


      Suggestions are most appreciated! Mark.