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    Is there a way to prevent the use of reserved chatacters in CI titles?

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      I am trying to discern if there is a way to restrict the use of reserved characters ( ; / ? : @ = & ') in string fields within ServiceDesk. Currently this is related to the 'Title' attribute of a CI record. Right now we use a custom attribute to display a hyperlink that uses the CI title to create a dynamic link that will take the user to a SharePoint site of that Ci's documentation. (See below)



      Calc on attribute:



      The issue is that is a Ci name is typed in containing a reserved character, the URL will not work or link to the documentation correctly. Are there any controls that can be applied at this level to block the use of these special reserved characters?

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup


          This is a difficult one and I‘d say no and suggest raising an Enhancement Request.


          One way that could work but would need to be tested, is have a calculated field that is hidden on the window but is set to mandatory.  The calculation would check for any of the reserved chars and if found return null from the calc or if none found then return any valid string ( to make the field non null).  This way any invalid chars cause the hidden mandatory field, when null, to block save.  The problem is you need a way to trigger the calculation firing somehow on the form as typing in a string field wont “calculate on change”.  Also the system will only tell your mandatory field is not set and that wont mean much to the user so I’d think another information field would also have a message constructed by calculation that pops up via dynamic window calc that says something like “Error, CI TITLE has following invalid chars: xxxx” where xxxx could be the actual invalid chars that are added to the message as the calc finds then (using the same logic as the mandatory field calc”.


          Might all be rubbish,  but that is something I would try out quickly as PoC test if I were faced with this requirement before otherwise ”throwing in the towel!”  


          I suspect though realistically it is something that ultimately isnt possible and even an ER wouldn't get sufficient votes to hit the development roadmap.



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