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    EM config install failure


      We have an EM8.5 SP1 config (native not MSI) that fails to install every time just on 1 PC.  The management console states "configuration contains unexpected manifest" but the same config has been deployed to 1000's of other endpoints without any problems.

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          very odd, switched it to MSI config which successfully installed then changed it back to native config file, which also worked.

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            Roger1 Specialist

            I've experienced this as well.  If a reboot doesn't fix it, I usually end up moving the machine to a group with no configs or a different config and then back to the original deployment group.  Never really dug into the root cause. 


            There is a document out there about exporting the config out to an MSI and the re-importing it back into MC and finally re-deploying it.  Doesn't seem like the cause if it's just one machine, however.