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    Navigating Modal forms OR UI Action search from Child Panel OR ???

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      Good day


      We have a Notes - Work History child panel on our Incident form. It makes a tidy list of actions that have occurred on an Incident. Our issue is that the once you open one of the pop-up modal forms you cannot navigate to the next entry without closing, going back to the list and selecting the next record. They want <- -> buttons...


      Is that possible?


      Thinking it is not I next tried to create a UI Action to Search the ObjectWorkspace for the ParentLink_RecID and then open those records in a new tab. I could then navigate using the <- -> arrow buttons. Of course this is not working. If I use a Prompt command in the UI Action and provide the RecID of the parent Incident I get the exact list we want. Referencing the RecID as a variable within the UI Action is failing.


      Any thoughts out there on this one? Perhaps I need another approach entirely???



      This is our Incident form. Analysts type or paste in the Work History and click the Button. This allows the quick creation of work history notes. Sometimes this is a lengthy email that is pasted in.

      Work history note.png

      This is the Work History Child tab. Work History along with reassignment and other auditing notes are listed here. Easy to determine the life of an Incident.

      * The button below is the UI Action I was trying to create. See below.

      Work history list.png


      Here is the problematic form. Everyone wants aroow buttons to flip through the list of notes. Right now closing each window and then opening the next is slow going.

      notes with arrows.png

      Here is the Quick Action - UI Action I created to perform a search of the related Notes for an Incident. When RecID (for Incident) OR ProfielLink_RecID (for the Notes) is coded in it does not work.


      ERROR: Nothing was found in your search: text contains "undefined"


      If I set it to manually prompt for the RecID it returns the correct results. I am guessing my QA is cannot read out the RecID variable. :-(


      This result set would allow the users to click through the records and read lengthy entries.

      review work histroy notes.png



      Maybe I went compeltely off track with my methods. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


      Thanks - Mark.