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    Monitoring clipboard activity


      Hi all!

      A Company im working for recently bought Ivanti management console and installed the core server With Security Suite Manager and endpoint Security audit.

      what we are trying to achieve is to monitor items like, printer log, clipboard log, screen log etc.. Much like what i found out what LANDESK ESA v3.4 could do.

      Its my understanding that LANDESK is now Ivanti and the ESA Product is integreated into Ivanti Management console?


      Anyway, im not able to find out whwre and how i can setup alerting or alert rulesets to monitor these Things.


      Could anyone please point me in the right direction?


      What Products do i need to be able to monitor the same thing as LANDESK ESA 3.4 could. (Attached Picture)



      Thanks in advance.



      Jan wilhelmsen

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          A little bit of Context & such.


          First off -- Ivanti Product Names & Acronyms -- will help you.


          Second -- "Ivanti" is the new "parent name" of what used to be LANDesk. Much like Google created a parent-name of Alphabet group for its various businesses, so has LANDesk created the parent-org of "Ivanti" (as there were a lot of different brands & co).


          Where / when have you used this ESA product (I don't remember having had an ESA product, anything with LANDesk tended to be part of the Management Suite, unless it was a specific licensing SKU of it?). More info if you have any may help.

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            Hi and thanks for the reply, im sorry for the newbie questions.

            This link describes the Landesk ESA (endpoint Security Audit) LANDESK ESA (Endpoint Security Audit) V3.4 User Guide and install file (en-US) , and this is pretty much mwhat we want to monitor.

            But im not able to find out how and to enable this in the Product we have installed.

            I got a link from support to some documents here to set up alerting but there is no options to monitor the things i want. like printer log, Windows Activity log, clipboard log etc.

            Setting up Alerting in EPM 2017.3

            New Alerting Features in 2017.3

            So i Wonder is there a module or feature that is missing, or is it the wrong Product that is installed?

            We have endpoint manager 2017.3 installed today.


            As you may have guessed we want to adress issues regarding "Data Breach Protection" and need to monitor user Activity on pc and terminalservcies.




            Jan Wilhelmsen

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              No need to apologise - your situation is what it is & you want some help . Perfectly normal.


              OK - so I think I know what this is.


              So - Ivanti EPM / (old "LANDesk Management Suite") is "our" stuff (as in - Ivanti's) -- and that's some of the underlying tech/platform that gets used here.


              So -- the ESA is part of the APAC team's products -- new product: LANDESK Endpoint Security Audit(ESA) -- that was primarily created for the APAC market (as there seem to be quite high auditing requirements there).


              So "technically", you may want to try & reach out to regular support. Now, since this is a primarily APAC driven thing, chances are that the support guy/gal may not be familiar with ESA either (much as I wasn't 'til a few minutes when I looked things up), so they may need to get a few balls rolling with where you're at & what's what.


              But ... it is "ours", so that'd logically be the place to get things to go (and at least you have a contact point).


              If you're not sure about how to reach out, here's the global contact-us link https://www.ivanti.com/support/contact -- though creating a support ticket may equally work for you.


              Sorry I can't help much beyond that.


              Hope it helps a bit .

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                Hi and thanks again!

                This makes very much sense since the main office is in that region and they are the ones that require this kind of audit.


                And i have actually created a support ticket but sadly did not get any help other than the links i listed in the previous post.


                Now i have a little bit more background information and i will try to contact support again.


                I'm very greatfull for your effort to help.





                Jan Wilhelmsen

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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  OK - glad I could help a bit.


                  Again, apologies for some of the confusion, but since this seems to be a highly regional product, it seems like not a lot of folks outside of APAC know about it.