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    Imaging with Windows 10 without HII

    rmiltenb Rookie

      I have been testing at work configuring Dell OptiPlex without HII when imaging with Windows 10 1709.  I noticed it has saved a lot of time during the imaging process.  Is this a good practice to follow or should I keep HII in the provisioning template?

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          FWIW I don't use it, I add drivers using DISM to the install image. But I only really have about 10 hardware platforms that I manage drivers for and most are older and Windows 10 covers their hardware with default drivers. So I'm only adding about 13 drivers to the base install image.


          Our base image drops pretty quick. Patching takes forever.

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            rmiltenb Rookie

            I notice when I removed HII from imaging it saves nearly 40 minutes during process.  Are you just adding the network card drivers and letting Windows Update install the rest or are you putting all of the drivers in the WIM?

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              I add all of the drivers except one video driver. It's really not that many since Windows 10 has a lot of the existing older hardware covered with default drivers in the OS.


              For example, the only model of hardware that I need to add the intel chipset driver is the HP Z240s we use. Someday a newer version of Windows 10 (1803?) will have that inside as default driver so I would remove it and will then probably have to add the Z250 chipset driver when it replaces the Z240, and so on.


              The only driver we need to add post-build is Matrox video and that gets installed by its graphical software package (Powerdesk), which we have to install and keep up-to-date to resolve issues. So it doesn't make sense to maintain that in the image because it's software (+driver).


              I also use a graphical version of dism I wrote in powershell which makes mounting/unmounting the image and adding/removing driver packages really easy. But honestly, I don't think I've touched the image in over 6 mo.

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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                Network & Storage drivers (maybe USB => USB3 if you need to go that way) tend to be the most critical ones.


                After that, there's no single "right" way, beyond that which works for you. Using DISM is fine & dandy as well.


                The options / tools are there -- a lot of it depends on how disparate or homogenous your hardware estate is, as the previous posters explained.

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                  MrGadget Expert

                  When we started using windows 10 I was having all kinds of blue screen during ctos. Tried different drivers but finally took HII out and have had success with every model. Seems like Windows 10 has a lot of drivers included.