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    ADFS SAML Logout issue with ISM


      Hi Community


      We just started to use the cloud version of ISM. We have configured it to authenticate via our ADFS server.


      We seem to be having an issue when the user logs out of ISM it produces a message in the browser. Slightly different depending on which browser you use. If in IE you get a message which says SamlLogoutHandler.json and in Chrome user gets an error code like this:


      {"Timestamp":new Date(1524580020044),"ErrorCode":"SAMLProfileException","IsLogged":true,"IsUIReady":true,"InternalMessage":null,"LogEntryId":"6a6ce5d780dd4825b08c81232e8182d2","Message":"Unhandled system exception. See exception details in the application log.","StackTrace":null,"ExceptionType":null}


      I believe the issue is related to how the ADFS Logs out.


      Has anyone else seen this issue, any advice on how I could resolve in ISM?




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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee



          If you open that SamlLogoutHandler.json in a text editor you'll get a very similar error like what you see on screen in chrome.  This give you a log entry ID (in your example above "6a6ce5d780dd4825b08c81232e8182d2")  which should be available in the Logs workspace within a matter of a couple minutes in the cloud (simply search for that value in the Log Entry ID field to locate the corresponding error).  You'd need to take a look at the details of the exception to better understand what's wrong.


          In most cases this sort of issue is due to the "Logout URL" value on your ADFS Auth provider not being correct.


          Hope this helps!


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            Yes it was due to the logout URL, I removed it and its been fine since.


            Thank you.