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    Translate the Incident Description field

    DanielKakona Apprentice

      Hi all.

      I have created two fields in the incident business object as below:


      Translated Description.


      Language field is a drop down containing the languages e.g.  French, German and Spanish etc..

      Translated Description field will contain the translated incident description text, in the language to which the description is translated

      What i'm trying achieve is that when the user wants to translate the Incident Description, theywill select the language to translate to from the drop down (Language field) and the result should

      display in the Translated Description field.


      Anyone has an idea of how I can resolve this?



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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hello Daniel,


          ISM only supports localized values in validated fields and other areas like templates where the possible inputs are known.  What you describe is an active translation of a free-form text field.  This is not possible out of the box.

          I think you might be able to achieve what you are describing by creating some kind of web services call to something like google translate, however that would require you send the contents of the fields to a third party resource which may entail a security risk.  There may also be some cost associated with such a service from a third party.