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    Full Acrobat patches--.msp


      I need to update Acrobat Standard and Acrobat Pro. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the original .exe or .msi files for these, since they're onsie and twosie installs out in our field offices. I might be able to scare them up if necessary.


      In any case, Adobe now distributes patches in .msp files, which is all nice 'n' dandy, other than the fact that Landesk doesn't have a way to build a package around that.


      What I'm thinking is just writing a simple batch file that invokes msiexec for the .msp, and then add the .msp as an additional file. Anyone see an issue with that?


      Detection will also be a problem, but I think I can probably do it with a query, since I already have ones that give me the versions of Acrobat for 8 and 9.


      Any other tips on this? I've seen the Reader 8.1.5 distro article, but I don't think it quite applies in this situation.

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          zman Master

          I'm assuming you don't have patch or Security Manager since the content is builtin I see no issue with using a batch file and have done this same thing in the past with autoit. Even if you don't have patch you can still create a custom vulnerability to do this.


          Application : $(WINDIR)System32\msiexec.exe

          ArgString:     /i "\\path to somewhere\AdbeRdr813_en_US.msi" TRANSFORMS="\\path to somewhere\AcroRead.mst" /l*v c:\logs\adoberdr814.log /QN REBOOT=ReallySuppress


          User files for detection

          path : %regval(HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\AcroRd32.exe\Path)%AcroRd32.dll

          min version:


          Of course this is for 8.x and I running pskill to kill the reader before installing.

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            'ang on, 'ang on, Patch and Security Manager subscription can update full versions of Acrobat? Sign me up...


            Reader's easy. Our other patch management software does Reader. I'm looking for full version updates.

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              zman Master

              Correct it does full versions, sorry I misread your post. However, you can very easily create a custom vulnerability for Standard/Pro - same theory as reader.