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    Modify Change Lifecycle ITSM

    blwallace Specialist

      I'm running 2017.3 and am relatively new to ITSM.  We are a smaller shop and want to modify the Change lifecycle.  We want to be able to go from Status = Logged to Status = Pending Approval.  There is an intermediate step, namely Requested, we want to skip.  How best to accomplish this.  I tried creating a quick action and adding that to the lifecyle so that When a Change is "Requested" Update Status to Pending Approval.  However, when I test a change, it didn't work saying Pending Approval was not in validation list...


      So my questions are:

      1. How do I get rid of the added action in the lifecycle (I deleted the quick action in the business object, yet the action and checkbox still remain when viewing the lifecycle)?
      2. How best to accomplish skipping over the Requested status?



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          florian1 Expert

          You have to modify you Change status workflow:

          Configure Application > Validation Business Objects >  Change Status Workflow > values



          Add an entry like this:

          Delete the state transition you don't need, e.g.:

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            blwallace Specialist

            Thank you.  I see now how this works.


            For instance, I've modified my workflow status to allow for our shortened change process.  When creating a change, the status is Logged.  If the change is either created as an emergency and saved, or an existing change is set to an emergency, I want the status to go to Implemented.  I've got this working correctly by adding Implemented as a workflow state for Logged and creating a triggered action to, set status to Implemented when change type = Emergency.  The triggered action wouldn't work until I modified the workflow state.  However, now Implemented always shows as an option once a change is logged.



            Is there a way to allow the triggered action, and not have Implemented show in the Status list?