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    Incident and Service Request Resolution / Delivery watch not running

    YMoual Specialist

      Hi all,



      After upgrading our system from HEAT 2016.1 to 2016.2, I noticed that the Resolution target for Incident and Service Request no longer display as shown below:



      The Resolution escalation watch does not show up in the Escalation watch tab as shown below:



      The other escalation watches i.e. Response, Waiting and Closing still work fine. The issue is only with the Resolution watch.


      I have checked the escalation engine and it is up and running. I have restarted this service as well as rebooted the server with no luck. I have tried changing the Impact, Urgency and Status of the Incident or Service Request to trigger the Resolution watch which did not also help. I have also checked the escalation log file but there are no errors  which are related to the Resolution watch not being triggered.


      Not sure what could be causing this. Has anyone come across similar issue and was able to resolve it?