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    End User progress message




      I am trying to come up with a way to report to the users screen, overall provisioning task progress.  Something that would report what package is currently being installed,  and how many steps are left in a template.  I know in the delivery method it there is an option for "Show successful or failed status to end user", but this results in alot of windows,  and does not let the user know how many are left.


      Is there any log file or xml on the local machine that would have the total tasks of a template?  or anyway to report the overall status?

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          zman Master

          Sounds like a ER to me, since I don't think the logic is in there. You could fake it by enter a couple of UI scripts in there letting the user know what is going on (e.g., load UI script saying installing 7 packages, please be patient, install 7 packages, load ui scripting indicating 3 more packages, load the 3 packages, etc...)