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    Import data from sharepoint

    Chris.Ferguson Rookie

      We're currently using Sharepoint as our change control tool.  We're moving to Heat. 


      However, we do not want to lose all of the historical records in the Sharepoint tool. 


      Is there a way to import a csv (or xls, or whatever) of the Sharepoint source data and map the fields/data to Heat? Below is a screenshot of our current columns in sharepoint.


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          HEAT_StephanieOrange Employee

          Hi Chris,


          I believe you should be able to accomplish this. What I would suggest is to first download the data and see what it has in the fields. After that, match your fields in Sharepoint to what is available in Change. it looks like you may have some extra fields that you'd likely want to keep that are not in the Change module. Add those in after that in your Change object so the data will have a home. Ensure that your text lines are also available and able to handle the number of characters in those fields.


          The part I'm not sure about is the status. Change has a different status than the other modules. Make sure your values match. However, it has to meet certain criteria to move on to different statuses. If you do not meet those it may not save the record.


          Once you get your data squared away then I'd import it into Staging and see how it behaves. For the rest of the instruction, please see the Importing Data information in the Help file. I find that sometimes this takes a bit of experimentation. As you go through the import (and it will likely fail a few times) you will figure out what it's missing that it needs (all the required fields). You'll want to become friends with the Integration Log and review the reasons it fails each time. Correct, then try again.


          Hope this helps!

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            Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

            Hi Chris,


            Yes a CSV import would be just fine for this purpose.  There is such a facility in ISM.  More details can be found in the help files:

            Importing Data

            Importing and Exporting Data



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              Chris.Ferguson Rookie

              This put me down the right path.  I'm having other issues related to being able to resolve the issues in the integration log (very generic error messages), but I was able to make headway here. Thanks.