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    Short date format?

    JDel Rookie

      In Xtraction, I know you can configure the short date and long date formats, but how do you configure a field on a document to use the short date format?


      Seems like I'm missing something obvious, but can't find it in documentation, data modeler or documents.



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          Waldy Employee

          What system are you reporting against?  If the underlying column is a datetime type, then Xtraction will display the long format complete with time.  If you want this to contain a date only you will need to convert that in the data model field.


          ie:  SQL Server


          cast(mydatetimecolumn as date)

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            GreggSmith SupportEmployee

            Actually, I don't think that will work.  I've attempted to do this with customers and it didn't work.  A code change would be required for this.


            If the field in the data model is indicated as a date field, then Xtraction will always show it as date/time.  A date-only field will show as midnight for the time portion.  You would have to add a cast as varchar and set it to be a string instead of a date to get it the way you want for display in record lists.

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              Waldy Employee

              Gregg is right:



              Should have checked that before posting!

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                JDel Rookie

                That is what we are seeing, date only field with midnight. What is the purpose of the short date then?


                Using cast in DME does not seem to work either: