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    Incident Associates PIR?

    RyanW Apprentice

      Currently, the PIR business object is only used in for changes.  In my organization, we'd like to expand the use of the PIR to Incidents.

      I've been attempting to create the relationship between Incident and PIR, but I haven't been successful.  I was hoping someone with more experience can point me in the right direction.


      Regardless of my selection, I always get this Foreign Key Field error.


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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Ryan,


          In order to build a new relationship you need a link field on one object or the other.  You have to build the Link field first, then the relationship and specify it where it says "not set" in your screenshot (assuming you built it on the PIR object) and then you'll need to go back to the link field and complete the binding assignment so it's fully connected to the relationship.


          I'd normally recommend modeling the relationship after what you see between Change and PIR OOTB, but that relationship was built by our developers in a way I don't think you can replicate (0-1 : 0-1 cardinality and also using a Link Table).  In this case you'll just need to pick which object you want to own the link field and build it out there.


          I hope this helps!