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    Rebuilding a 2017.x environment

    PaulWalker Apprentice

      I am rebuilding a Development environment server and want to make sure I remove all of the remnants from the original installation as if it was a clean environment.

      • So that Installation screen is empty
      • So that it drops the handle on all of the old databases
      • Ops Console
      • Everything....
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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          Hi Paul,


          Obviously an uninstall is needed, then deleting the install folder (default in in Program Files\HEAT Software).  Beyond that you may still see stuff pop into the System Config Wizard from your prior install.  I think this KB will cover that item.

          Where are the values entered into the System Configuration Wizard stored?


          I'm not sure what else there would be to clean out, but if you need anything further it's probably deep into windows registry sorts of things so you'll likely be better off firing up a new copy of the Virtual Machine with a fresh OS.


          If there's something still remaining and that's not an option let us know the details so we can track it down.



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            Hi Paul,


            in addition to Jon, make sure to use a new ConfigDB for your Development environment. Database connections (tenants) are stored in ConfigDB, among many other things.


            It might be desirable to start with a fresh Windows server install, as the ISM installer sets up and configures certain components, such as IIS.