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    Running batch file with user input in Provisioning in PreOS - WinPE environment

    rdittman Apprentice

      We are setting up USMT to migrate profiles using Provisioning Templates. Everything is working but struggled to find a way change the output names with something identifiable to the device we are capturing the profile on. Tried using environment variables but it was using the WinPE OS variables so for example %computername% would result in the name being pulled from the WinPE environment so it was the same each time.

      As a workaround to this problem we changed to launching USMT (scanstate.exe) from a batch file that allowed for user input. We put the batch file in "Execute File" Provisioning Template which results in the file running but it will not show any of the output or allow user input - a black windows appears and sits there - we actually found if we just start typing the information we would normally input from the batch file prompt the text we input will pass in to the batch file and everything works.


      Any ideas why using a batch file via "Execute File" Provisioning Action in Pre-OS (WinPE) environment will not show us the text output from the batch file so we can input info? We did find a text document called "output" in the X:\ldprovision folder and within this file the output text we are expecting from the batch file appears.