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    Printer Mapping - variables and placeholders


      Hi everybody!


      I hope someone can help me.


      I want to map printers through EM to the users. In our case we have printers named like "KOP_001" to "KOP_100". To manage the mapping i would use Active Directory Security Groups named mostly like the printers.

      Now i had the idea that i can build a condition like "User Group ist Equal to KOP_*" and a Printer Map to \\Server\KOP_*


      If possible i would use any kind of placeholders and/or variables to do this with only one condition and not about 100.


      I hope i explained well and anybody can help me. Thanks a lot!

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          Kayla.Culpepper SupportEmployee

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            randyb1 SupportEmployee

            Each group condition must be against a specific AD group; you can't use wildcards for the group name.


            Each printer mapping action must be for a specific printer; you can't use wildcards for the printer name.

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              florian1 Expert

              You will have to use a script action to fully suit your needs:

              - set a session variable and map your printer referring to the session variable (see "Set-SessionVariable" in this script)


              - map all your printers in the script


              Here's a simple example for Powershell:

              $companyPrefix = "XTN"
              $GroupName = "KOP_*"
              $Printserver = "\\yourPrintServer"
              $memberOf = ([ADSISEARCHER]"samaccountname=$($env:USERNAME)").Findone().Properties.memberof -replace '^CN=([^,]+).+$','$1' | ? {$_ -ilike $GroupName}
              If ($memberOf){    
                  # set a session variable to hold the printer name
                  $PrinterPath = Join-Path $PrintServer "\$($memberOf[0])"
                  Import-Module ((Get-ItemProperty ‘HKLM:\SOFTWARE\AppSense\Environment Manager’).ClientPath + ‘EmCmdlet.dll’)
                  Set-SessionVariable -Name:"$($companyPrefix)_PrinterMapping" -Value:$PrinterPath
                  Get-SessionVariable "$($companyPrefix)_PrinterMapping"
                  # ..or map multiple printers using PowerShell only 
                  $memberOf | % {
                      $PrinterPath = Join-Path $PrintServer "\$_"
                      Add-Printer -ConnectionName $PrinterPath -WhatIf

              Please note that your client needs to be online to execute the script. So you will have to add some exception handlings to make it work in every situation.