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    Wierd problem with Bitlocker

    MrGadget Expert

      I am running 2016 SP3.


      New computer out of the box. Set it up and captured image.

      During deployment it deploys image then fails next step Auto Assign Partitions, then Fails Inject unattend, then Ctos.

      Never had one fail this before.

      Ran Provisioning again but put a wait state after image deploy and after Auto Assign partitions. After deploy image I went in to a command prompt and attempted to do a C:

      I got a message about bitlocker. I did not turn on bitlocker before capturing image.

      Since the image was layed down on the hard drive I booted to the hard drive (Windows 10 Pro ver 1709) Went into control panel - bitlocker and it says awaiting to turn bitlocker on with a caution sign. Below it says Bitlocker off. In Computer Management C drive says bitlocker.


      Any thoughts on how this is happening?