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    "Open record in parent object, if possible" - What if it's not possible?

    StaceyFarr Apprentice



      I have a dashboard part 'My Teams Open Tasks' which is configured with the "Open record in parent object, if possible" checkbox ticked.  But I don't know what is supposed to happen if it's not possible to open it in the parent.


      I have a scenario whereby it's possible (or we need it to be possible) that a task will be assigned to a team but due to the Object Access Permissions we have set on the Incidents, the team who own the task do not have access to the Incident.  I was hoping that when selecting the Task from the Dashboard it would open the Task workspace and form as it's not possible for that user to open the Incident but what's actually happening is that the Incident workspace opens with a blank form and no task information.


      Any feedback would, as always, be very much appreciated.