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    5250 Remove all right characters on Enter in an Input Field

    cosys Rookie

      One of our customers has as problem with the default functionality on a Datalogic Skorpio X3. The problem is shown on input fields. First, they type in a long string (in this example "9" is typed in several times). After that, they go back and and type several times "5", so they and up with "55559999" and with the cursor behind the last "5". After that, they want to press Enter and only have "5555" as the input result. But this won't work, because "55559999" is send as the result. According to the customer, this kind of functionality was possible on their old Datalogic Memor devices running the discontinued DL-TCL-NET software. So the question is how to get the same kind of functionality or workaround the problem.