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    Issue publishing CI for selection in WebAccess.

    tbuchanan Apprentice



      I have a Service CI that I am trying to make selectable from within WebAccess for both EndUser and Analyst customers. I am not sure why I cannot get it to display as needed and am hoping someone can point out the likely simple step I am missing. Below is the request view from an End-User perspective. As you can see I can select the Request Type of "Task Group Template" and I have a series of Service Items to choose from.



      The problem is that I am missing a service from the list that I hove tried over again to publish for display to non-analysts. As you can see in the image below it appears for analyst users just fine.



      All of these service items under the folder "Task Group Templates" have been published to all users and their individual CI configurations are identical. Can anyone help explain why this option is disappearing between roles?

      Publish.png        PublishSettings.png


      I appreciate any tips or suggestions. I can also provide more details if needed. Thank you!