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    LANDesk Inventory Service unloads


      The event viewer shows the following error:



      Source: LANDesk Inventory Service
      Type: Error
      Event ID: 4100


      with the details:


      Database exception:
      Unspecified error

        Table:Product Column:Definition ID PK:iVmcVd578Huj+2uh8seLBA==
      Thread ID: 5480.


      I pulled up the corresponding .SCN file and skipped to the part that seems to be causing the error based on the Definition ID PK. It looks to be some executable by the name of invokesvc4.exe and doing a quick Google search shows that it seems to be related to USB and networking drivers.

      Product - (Hash:iVmcVd578Huj+2uh8seLBA==) - Definition ID =invokesvc4.exe_invokesvc4.exe_0.0


      Thanks in advance.