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    OSD deployment through DVD #2


      I have a need to take the .wim file on the core server and convert it to a useable/bootable/deployable DVD.

      Yes it is under the DVD size (4.2g).


      Is this possible to create?


      The following links provide a possible solution which seems to differ from the previous discussions.

      am i going down the wrong path?






      Basic need:


      1) Take the .wim file that i've created (our image) sitting on the LANDesk core server, and convert to a DVD install.

      2) The DVD needs to be able to boot, mount IDE or SATA hard drives (for HP and Dell Laptops ranging from 1-5 years old machines as of 2009), lay down the image on the drive using the image file directly from the DVD, and would be nice if the agent would self install (although not absolutely needed as i could manually do that if push comes to shove)


      Has anyone come across the need for this or documented anything similar?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.