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    Datalogic Skorpio X4 Wavelink TE v7.3.299 installation program or new TE?


      Waiting for newer version of the Wavelink Telnet CE for Datalogic X4 CE7 Devices (now only v7.3.308) , I noticed that the v7.3.299 is already installed on the X4. Is there any possibility to find somewhere the installation program of this version?



      As with the Datalogic Skorpio X3 the newer v7.3.302 had problems at usage of Function keys but installing the older v7.3.299  the problem was fixed automatically , the same i believe for all problems I have with the Wavelink TE at Skorpio X4 . I think there are some problems with the only version, which displays the letters in wrong way at menus and makes different the display for some of the screens at client's menu. Unfortunately ,there is no other version in case for me to check and use at Skorpio X4 .