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    Serive Request/Request Offering - Paste from Clipboard?

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      Good day,


      It appears at one time that the Paste from Clipboard option was available in Request Offering forms. In our 2017.2.1 install the box is greyed out. Support told me that in 2017.3.1 the option is completely gone as they are no longer using Flash which was how this feature was supported in the Request Offerings.


      Has anyone ever had the ability to use it?


      OR maybe have you come up with an easy way for Self-service users to add in a screen shot?


      I've added the following Idea. Please vote if you feel it is needed. Thanks




      Request Offering - Paste from Clipboard


      The Self-Service module for service Requests needs the ability to Paste from Clipboard like we can do in other modules.


      Requiring a user to save a quick screen shot and then browse to locate and attach a file is time consuming and clumsy.